Sliding Racks factory

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Sliding Racks factory

پستتوسط pangdun » سه شنبه 24 اردیبهشت 1398, 10:36 am

Carton flow storage racking is a kind of shelving system that with lots of roller bars between two beams. There are rollers equiped into a slotted bar as a conveyor system. One side of the bar is a little bit higher than the other side that is appropriate for cartons or containers sliding from one side to another by gravity influence.
The flow through shelving provides stock rotation on the strictly way of FIRST IN AND FIRST OUT. Picking side always at the side close to operators. It makes sense with over 50% saving in distance of materials travelling, getting lower picking errors and improving overview of stock.
The carton live racking system often be used in the field of production line for picking or assembling parts, or pack and sort out various materials, especially for small articles likes electronic, medicine industry. Sliding Racks factory
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تاريخ عضويت: سه شنبه 24 اردیبهشت 1398, 9:51 am

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