Misting System price

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Misting System price

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40 Years of Trusted Services
In the 1970s, Calvin Sager, the founder of Ecolo® became involved in the garbage system design related business. Later on, he made his mind to begin his long journey in the odor control industry. For over 40 years, Ecolo® Odor Control Technologies Inc. has been an industry leader in developing and manufacturing quality odor control products. Through years of R&D and multiple acquisitions, Ecolo® proudly offers the industry’s most comprehensive line of proprietary formulations and odor control systems. Applicable for solid waste, wastewater, and commercial trash rooms and industrial facilities.
Manufacturing Industry-proven Proprietary Formulations
At Ecolo®, the on-going development of innovative odor control solutions with high health and safety profiles are driving factors in our long-term relationships with customers. Through multiple industry acquisitions and years of innovations, Ecolo® delivers timely and cost-effective solutions to meet odor control needs worldwide.
Manufacturing Leading-Edge Misting Systems
Through years of innovations and industry experience, Ecolo® proudly offers a comprehensive line of industry-specific misting and vaporizing systems at its facility in Toronto, Canada. Ecolo®’s durable systems come with leading-edge design, programmability, and customer support to provide years of trouble-free operations.
200+ Locations in Over 40 Countries
With industry experience spanning over 40 years in over 40 countries, Ecolo® has both the expertise and capabilities to fulfill your odor management needs around the world.
A Green Approach
We respect the environment and pay attention to nature. It shapes our commitment when providing solutions to core issues in the odor control market. Our AirSolutionTM 9 series formulations have been awarded the UL ECOLOGO Certification. With industry acknowledgment, Ecolo® is proud that our products meet rigorous environmental standards.Misting System price
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