China Ultra-fineul Fiber Towel

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China Ultra-fineul Fiber Towel

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Microfiber printed towel feels soft, don't fade in color after washing, don't drop hair, constant form, can clean many times. it is essential product for home life.
Size: 30x60cm/40x80cm (customizable)
Gram weight: 100-300gsm(customizable)
Port: qingdao port
Packing: export packing
Payment: L/C at sight or T/T
MOQ: 20000pcs
Delivery date: 40-60days
The cleaning functions of superfine fiber fabrics is much better
Than that of cotton fabrics, whereas FBZ fabric ranks the first among the superfine fiber fabrics.
1) Can you produce like this sample for me?
Answer: Our Products Can Be Produced According To Customers' Specific Requirement Or Samples Or Sample-Pictures.
2) Can you do the special specification product?
Answer: If you have some special requirements, please send us your samples or come to interviews. We can design and manufacture products according to the
requirements of our users.
3) How much is the microfiber towel ?
Answer: it costs about two hundred dollars.China Ultra-fineul Fiber Towel
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